Wisdom of the Tao.

Let the world unfold without always attempting to figure it all out.

Judge less and listen more.

Ways of slowing down your live without necessity to become a Buddhist monk.

  You are already perfect. You don’t need confirmation of your value or deserve anything. Often it gets forgotten and we loose yourself in the matrix of everyday hustle where we’re told how, what and when we supposed to do, feel, have. Stay opened and receptive and you’ll experience endless happiness. Without doubt deep in…

Two ways to embrace seasonal change.

Last olives being picked up and last snow is slowly melting in the top parts of mountains. The two elder man laugh at loud, they tell jokes and talk about the weather while continuously picking small round olives, one by one with they tired but happy hands.

2 healthy ways to start your morning

What to drink in the morning instead of coffee?

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach isn’t such a good idea since coffee is highly acidic and this might cause problems to your digestive system.
Very good alternative for caffeine is to drink warm lemon water or fresh green juice.

Ways to survive autumn darkness.

In darkness we start appreciate the light. In darkness we dream about warm coffee or tea, hot chocolate, sweet treat, comfort food. Warming up feet, body and soul. 

Breathe in and breathe out

there is a time for being ahead

and a time for being behind;

a time for being in motion

and a time for being at rest;

a time for being vigorous

and a time for being exhausted;

Observe a tree

Observe a tree completely, listen to the sound of the breeze in the tree, the birds fluttering, landing on the trees, calling of an evening – just to listen, to observe.

What is the purpose of life?

the purpose of my life is to LIVE. To be happy and true to myself so I can feel alive and show up in the world being thankful while I inspire others to simpler life, help and create community of like minded people.