What dreams, screen fatigue and spirituality have in common?

Do you know what screen fatigue is?

No? I didn’t know either till I found ot the hard way. Simple explanation is eye strain caused by looking at phone and computer screens for prolonged periods of time. It can manifest in blurred vision, headache, sore neck, dry eyes, increased eye sensitivity to name few. 

I did not become an eye doctor suddenly. No. But hold on to reading. 

We spend so much more time in front of the computer and mobiles lately. We lose sense of time and often sacrifice our leisure or family time in order to accomplish tasks online.

I’m guilty of that too. That’s why I want to retreat more into quiet space with as little digital noise as possible. It’s challenging as almost all activity I do now happens online.

Perhaps simple solution would be  purchasing blue light glasses that filter out the screens light. Perhaps it isn’t about the light only..? It seems temporarily that I lost vision and bigger picture got blurry. Life speaking.

Story time.

Last night I dreamt about the staircase. At first it was going down for a long time. When I reached the end I found myself  in a church that was full of people. I was asked by the bride to deliver a message for the awaiting crowd that she’s going to be late. I had to climb all the way up. It was a micro wedding like those during pandemic. People were staring at me along the way, some were making comments. I ignored all, fully aware I have a message to deliver. I had to go through tiny doors sometimes to push myself through to go up.  It was not easy. When I almost reached the top of the staircase I woke up.

I did not become a dream interpreter all of the sudden either, no. But the vividity of this dream and few following days got me thinking.

This time we experiencing now can be incredibly inspiring or it can be very confusing, but my heart is meant to soften and my sensitivity is heightened right now.


You might also feel like you’re in a dream state well that the world surrounding you doesn’t have a solid base. All of a sudden there are many paths to take, it might feel like you are in a time outside the time. I feel like during this period it’s okay to be confused about who you are. It’s the moment to open up to possibilities.

Personally I’m trying to open up a discussion with my own self to define myself in the world, aligning with life purpose. It’s confusing it’s brutal at times it feels like it leads to nowhere but it’s okay.

You can simply rethink priorities and imagine new possibilities for the upcoming future.

You might been pushed to shed old habits, limiting beliefs, feelings and energies. And you might been challenged not to push things to happen because whenever you try to control what is spinning around you, it has the opposite effect. Instead of resisting you might want to learn to embrace the momentary lack of control in life. 

I like to think that all experiences are here to help us grow and advance to a higher energy level. If you experience something similar lately give yourself a chance to renew vision for your life and for the person you are becoming. 

YOU have a message that only YOU can deliver to this world. 


How is the 2021 treating you right now? I would love to hear your story…

Below few of my favourite images from last year and beyond. Meditation for the eyes.

Love, Aleksandra

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