10 things I’ve learned during covid lockdown in Spain

What have I learned during covid19 lockdown:

  1. Meditation is good but somehow it doesn’t work during lockdown
  2. You’re ok with shopping once a week
  3. Some members of your family will never learn online zoom meetings procedure and that’s ok
  4. Kids are very organised when you allow them to be responsible for themselves
  5. I can cut my own hair (and wear a hat later to cover the haircut)
  6. Yoga helps. Like, a lot.
  7. iPhone batteries have no daylight charge limits
  8. I have to get triple as creative to bring food to the table
  9. You will regret when you type in spiritual awakening in YouTube
  10. I can lip sync on TikTok and don’t bother about embarrassment

It is definitely not a full list as we still progress with easing up the restrictions. I would like to write something uplifting and wise but nothing uplifting and wise worked for me. What worked was a good laugh, showing up, reaching out. Perhaps that’s the biggest takeaway from this quarantine time.

Apart of this I have been creative with photography at home. Finding out so little is needed to get great results! And got stuck on content creating and social media marketing and baking cakes, which seems unrelated. But really, if you bake or cook something and it didn’t work at firs you figure out better way to do it next time. And that’s what I call progress.

When I started this blog I did it more as my inspiration diary. With little intention to engage a s a result of being introvert. Now I feel as it can have a new purpose. If you are at home during this time please share your experience with us. Perhaps someone can benefit. Or smile. Or cry. Anything is allowed.

Love and Light!

Creative portrait photography. Photographer in Spain, Marbella. Native style photo.
Creative black and white portrait. Photographer in Spain, Marbella. Native style photo.
Spanish flowers. Nature. Lifestyle in Spain.
Spanish wildflowers

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