Is zerowaste lifestyle really possible?

When I was little I used to go to the nearest bakery with a basket or cloth bag because it was my duty for some time – to buy fresh bread for the day. I will never forget the smell and the comforting warmth of a bakery while purchasing my loafs of bread. I used to eat still warm, crispy bread on the way back home.

I have never thought of this until some years ago when I moved from well organised recycling culture in Scandinavia where I lived for some time to “not so well organised” culture in Spain. It was a shock. Everything wrapped in plastic. Bigger plastic containers consisting of smaller ones inside, also plastic. Fruits wrapped in plastic. Plastic wrapped in plastic. It might sound strange but I felt type of physical pain in the body only by looking at this, not mentioning I was participating. My question to these days stays the same: WHY? Why would you overuse plastic to this extend? Plus almost everything goes to the landfill as recycling is a theory most of times.

Started my own little revolution. Buying as much as possible in bulk, visiting local farmers markets, refusing plastic bag at the check out in shops. Small steps method. Believing it is not my responsibility in overall, if governments continue to ignore this problem but continuing in spite of it. Small steps method. Than I came across zerowaste movement that focuses on not only reducing waste but also on repurposing and reusing so the living cycle of an item is longer.

Slowly and gradually my habits change. I started with simple things like cloth bags, refill dish soap bottle, baking soda as my detergent, locally made shampoo bars, soaps, face oils or even wrapping my gifts in furoshiki (beautiful piece of fabric which usage originates in Japan). Small steps method. So is the zerowaste lifestyle really possible? I don’t have simple answer to this question. I would say it depends. It will be probably more challenging at times when there isn’t easy access to no packaging shops. But it will also be rewarding in so many ways. You will be definitely becoming more conscious buyer/human. Isn’t this a good reason to start your own journey of reduce-reuse? 🙂

zerowaste shampoo bars
eco friendly, zerowaste soap bars (@mutumalaga)

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