Zero waste vegetable broth aka #FridaysForFuture on the plate.

zero waste cooking_-3


Can food be a spiritual act? Can it be your life manifest? Can a simple act of preparing a meal save a planet? Well, not all the planet at once that’s sure but a lot of food that would otherwise be thrown in the bin; yes.

Few years ago I embarked on a journey to a simpler, more meaningful life. It did not happen in one day. The decision wasn’t “a decision” sensu stricto either. It was rather a voice, a calling, a slow process of ever evolving consciousness.

As I write these words there is thousands of people marching for the planet all over the globe. Today is another #fridaysforfuture. A climate activist, Greta Thunberg that started this movment is a young female that our era desperately needs. But even if you are not marching you can still, everyday, do a little change in your acting that will lead to a bigger things.

Was it easy to slowly starting meat reduce in my diet? Was it easy to switch to reusable bottle? Was it easy to skip the plastic bag at the grocery store? One day I will have nicely polished answer for these questions and many more around this topic. Today I continue the journey. One day at the time.

Last week I have found some sad veggies in my fridge, that been there far too long. I felt is not right to just throw them so I figured its a good idea for a zero waste broth. Added some vegetable scraps from the meal I have been preparing for later. Added some bay leaves, allspice, little olive oil.  can use it as it is, in stews, risottos, base for a soup. I added curcuma to elevate its flavour and beautiful color. It all went into the pot and was brought to boil for 5 minutes.

Next time you want to throw some veggies away think of the possibility of making this broth. You will be surprised how quickly it can become a habit.


zero waste cooking_-4


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