How to be attentive?

“Seeing is a very complex affair. One sees casually with ones’s eyes and swiftly passes by never seeing the detail of a leaf, its form and structure, its colors, the variety of greens. To observe a cloud with all the light of the world in it, to follow a stream chattering down the hill, to look at your friend with the sensitivity in which there is no resistance and to see yourself as you are without the shades of denial or easy acceptance, to see yourself as a part of whole, to see the immensity of the universe – this is observation: to see without the shadow of yourself.”

“What is to be attentive? (…) Attention involves seeing and hearing. We hear not only with our ears but we are sensitive to the tones, the voice, to the implication of words, to hear without interference, to capture instantly the depth of a sound. Sound plays an extraordinary part in our lives: the sound of thunder, a flute playing in the distance, the unheard sound of one’s own heart beating, the sound of a bird and the noise of a man walking on the pavement, the waterfall. The universe is filled with sound. This sound has its own silence. To be attentive is to hear this silence and move with it.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti, Letters to the Schools. Volume two. 

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  1. kenza says:

    Krishnamurti always a great inspiration. Thank you.


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