Ways to survive autumn darkness.

How do you survive dark autumn days?

It is mostly the lack of natural light. Days seems to be shorter, problems seems to grow to unnatural sizes. Darkness is happily feed.

What helps?

Well, sometimes nothing. Sorry not sorry.

But there are things that make this time little easier to go trough. Like candles, cozy blankets, long nature walks, or even park walks, warming drinks, hot baths with essential oils.

In darkness we start appreciate the light. In darkness we dream about warm coffee or tea, hot chocolate, sweet treat, comfort food. Warming up feet, body and soul.

The time when strolling on the streets of Stockholm you go in one cafeteria after another just to have some hot drink or cinnamon bun. The best cinnamon buns in the world. You could probably eat them 3 times a day. Or more. There is something unique in the little places selling pastry in this city. It is usually the beautiful smell of freshly baked goods or open sandwiches mixed with smell of coffee and quiet talks. Honest food starts here. Let’s take a walk.

stockholm-1-3 (2)

stockholm-1-7 (2)

stockholm-1-11 (2)

stockholm-1-10 (2)


stockholm-1-4 (2)



Let us know what’s your way of combating the darkness. We would love to hear from you!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bipasha says:

    A fika pause definitely works! Plus some candles, string lights and good music at home 🙂


    1. Yes to candlelight and good music!


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