Observe a tree

Feel the sun on your skin, see the light flickering through the leafs, smell the flower, touch the tree.

Observing without judgement, without expectations and predictions.  Being together with the nature and IN the nature. Appreciation.





“(…) to observe without prejudice, without opinion, without any judgement, without any value – just to observe. To observe how you sit. To observe your own thoughts – not condemn your thought, right and wrong, I shouldn’t think this, this is ignoble thought, this is noble thought – just to observe your thinking. To observe the way you dress and so on. When you so observe your fear, not condemn it, not run away from it or transmute it to something else but just to observe it. In that observation you bring all your attention in that. Observation means complete attention. Can you so observe? Observe a tree completely, listen to the sound of the breeze in the tree, the birds fluttering, landing on the trees, calling of an evening – just to listen, to observe. When you do that, the implication in that observation is that you bring all your attention to it. It’s like focusing strong light on something. Then that very light, that very flame destroys that which is turned on” J. Krishnamurti, On Nature and the Environment




Pictures were taken on a trip to Algaba de Ronda



3 Comments Add yours

  1. kenza says:

    Lovely quote by Krishnamurti – thank you. and the photos are gorgeous. Kenza.


    1. Simple Life Project says:

      Thank you Kenza for taking your time to comment! I’m not very active blogging but it makes my heart happy that you’ve read this post!


      1. kenza says:

        Thank you.


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