What is the purpose of life?

“Simplicity is the art of sophistication.”

                                                                   Leonardo da Vinci 

We live in the more time. More money, food, gadgets. Getting a job, house, lawn, car, bigger car, bigger house. Nothing wrong in all those things above unless they take control over our lives.

A Simple Life Project is based on replacing more with less but better.

My simple pleasures are books, candle light, good belly laughs, nature walks, honest food, slow mornings, breakfasts, slow photography walks and many more.

Inviting simplicity to your life trough food preparation is wonderful thing. Source a local ingredients, bring it home, spend time in kitchen, share the meal with the ones you love. “It is not necessary to use expensive ingredients. The luxury is in your hands, in your ability. This is luxury.” Alex Atola, Chefs Table.

True joy is vital source of energy that once moved never stops. Notice. Learn to listen. Be naturally curious about here and now. 

Aiming for more simple living. Taking slow steps to discover life purpose. The what? You might ask. Perhaps there is no “life purpose” thing at all. Yes, perhaps. So far the purpose of my life is to LIVE. To be happy and true to myself so I can feel alive and show up in the world being thankful while I inspire others to simpler life, help and create community of like minded people.

Three things you can do today to simplify your life: 

  1. Start gratefulness routine – you’ll be surprised of how many things that happen during your regular day you can be thankful for. Don’t get trapped only by the nice things.  Take a look at these happenings that are not so pleasant at first. See them as opportunity to learn, to grow, to be more present.
  2. Slow down – Literally. Take time to listen to someone without interrupting. Slow down the way you walk. See how the cloud on the sky move. Slowly. They do nothing except being pushed by the wind. Let life direct you as the cloud lets the wind do the job.
  3. Listen to your inner voice – Intuition. Soul. Whatever you call it – notice it. You are not  thoughts that you constantly produce in your head. You are much more. A complex human being with body and spirit that is been often pushed aside as unimportant or weird or strange. Nothing strange with giving yourself a permission to have a better, more meaningful life.


Marbella, La Concha (11)Marbella, La Concha (17)

Marbella, La Concha (9)

Marbella, La Concha (18)

Over to you. What is your way of simplifying life? What simple pleasures bring you joy and fulfillment?

If you have read this text and it resonates with you, leave a comment, this will inspire me tremendously to continue the journey of building community and helping others to find their way to life they deserve and desire!


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