How to introduce more abundance into you life. Only one advice.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”

Simplify your actions, get outside, look around carefully. And than turn inwards, because your heart knows the right answer on every question you might have. Focus of what are you naturally drawn to. Go that direction and trust the Universe.

As I suck in writing long, engaging posts that have the right amount of paragraphs to satisfy CEO engines I leave some images that to me speak the summer abundance language. These were taken during last summer and I look forward to see what has grown in the garden, orchard, forest, fields this year too!
slow summer holiday-2slow summer holiday-3slow summer holiday-5slow summer holiday-1slow summer holiday-4slow summer holiday-6slow summer holiday-1-2slow summer holiday-8slow summer holiday-9slow summer holiday-11slow summer holiday-10slow summer holiday-12slow summer holiday-13slow summer holiday-14slow summer holiday-15slow summer holiday-16slow summer holiday-17slow summer holiday-18slow summer holiday-19slow summer holiday-27slow summer holiday-26slow summer holiday-20slow summer holiday-23slow summer holiday-21slow summer holiday-22slow summer holiday-24slow summer holiday-25slow summer holiday-28slow summer holiday-29slow summer holiday-30

If you have any advice of abundant life please share in comments, I might suck in writing posts but I’m good in engaging with real conversations and real people!


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